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Upgrade To USB Type C Power Bank

Power banks were designed as a temporary solution to the existing problem of battery limits on chargeable devices. The USB type C power bank was, however, unique from the average power bank. It was unique for its type C feature designs. Power banks have always been a savior for devices, especially our smartphones. Whether there are power cuts or long-distance traveling plans, power banks are the power supply source in a needed situation.

The abbreviation USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB’s were designed to provide the ultimate all in one connector for all devices. However, there were drawbacks to the device. One type of USB was not able to suffice the different needs of devices. As such, several variations of USB were introduced, some as mini-USB and others as micro-USB. The USB type A was also flawed for its not quite symmetric design. Users found it infuriating not to be able to properly insert the device.

Type C was designed rectangular with smooth curved corners. It was symmetrical enough with a two-sided plug-in feature. It greatly eliminated the task to properly and smoothly insert the device. It was almost impossible for a user to insert even at the first attempt incorrectly. The latest USB power banks were designed with the type C feature. Moreover, type C power banks did not require different cables to connect. It is an all in one connector that can fit into any device. It can power up any chargeable devices such as cameras, smartphones, and even laptops.

The USB type C power bank also could also power up laptops. However, it is important to understand that not only USB type C means it can support laptops. The power bank needs to support both USB Type C Power bank (Power Delivery) to charge up laptops. The type C power banks are also popularly known for their fast charging speed. Users no longer need to wait long hours to charge their devices. Also, several digital companies have started to upgrade their devices with type C features.

The exact same flexible features were employed to USB C power banks. Apart from its unique symmetrical design, USB type C supported both smartphones and laptops or computers. Users no longer desired a different USB connector or cable wire to plug into devices. USB C power banks are particularly preferred for their fast charging rate. The only disadvantage of this type C feature is that it can’t be plugged into the older version of USB connectors. However, using a physical adapter with a USB C connector on one side and an older version of a USB port on the other should do the trick.


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