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Advantages of fasting

Following a regular fasting regime accelerates weight reduction, but it benefits the health if done correctly. But sadly, it’s not simple to follow up on fasting since no everyone can deprive the body of food and water. However, when an individual overcomes the barrier of hunger, their body gets to work and revitalize without sustaining it with much food. The ultimate goal for most is to eliminate toxins, viruses, fats, and bacteria in the body.

Once the body starts fixing during the rapid, the individual notice little changes in their body, many advantages of fasting include improvement of the immune system, anti-aging, purification, etc.. The dietary changes encourage a healthier and happier lifestyle. In recent decades, people got into the debate on dry fasting VS water fasting, both popular regimes practiced by many.

However, concluding dry fasting VS water fasting isn’t an option since different people prefer to follow other methods. If one kind of fasting works for a person, it might not work for another. Hence, an individual’s preference and health condition are crucial while choosing between both fasting practices. Dry fasting can be sub-divided into two methods. The first is intermitted dry fasting, and the second is protracted dry fasting. During Ramadan, Muslims follow the Ramadan Intermitted Fasting (RIF). The practice is very similar to regular intermitted fasting. Customarily, people consume their meals in the morning and refrain from drinking water or carrying food for the remainder of the day.

The fast is broken only during the night time, thus conserving their energy and restarting the routine the next day. Irregular dry fasting vs water fasting is beneficial to many because it helps in attaining the goal without health risk.Jewish and Mormons individuals practice fasting, which is comparable to prolonged dry fasting, but they don’t fast for the entire twenty-four hours. Dry fasting for an extended period isn’t advisable since the person suffers from side effects like dehydration and severe headache.

However, individuals choose between the two types of fasting according to their taste or health condition. Apparent pieces of evidence are showing the removal of carcinogenesis and tumor cells through general fasting. Some experts have noted that dry fasting also extracts water from cancerous cells and quicken their expiration. People showing interest in the fasting lifestyle follow both kinds of dry fasting: intermittent dry fasting and prolonged dry fasting. Additionally, seeking advice from medical professionals before any diet plan is vital for poor health conditions.


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