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Orangeries UK An Innovative Approach To Traditional Build Orangeries

During the 17th and 18th century, an Orangery was used for growing orange trees. It was a room or building dedicated to sheltering and protecting the exotic fruit trees from harsh winter and altering climate. In any case, orange trees, an Orangery were also utilised to develop citrus fruits, exotic plants, shrubs, and several types of tender fruits and plants. The modern day Orangery has been utilized as more than plant or fruit growing area. The spacious natural lite area is put to use as lounge, office, playroom, dining area, home gym, and much more.

An Orangery was built with the idea of a greenhouse but comparatively more spacious and large. During the Renaissance, the introduction to glass technology helped in the large expanses of glass. As such, buildings with large windows and glass roofs appeared during the 17th century Northern Europe. The features of an Orangery were composed of solid brickwork, lantern or flat roof with stiff columns and pilaster. The room was spacious with large windows and a glass roof.

Instead of being isolated or destroyed, most traditionally built Orangeries are changed into beautiful restaurants and cafes. The pure lite area with spacious floor and the accompaniment of fresh botanical garden make it a place worth the visit. Modern homeowners are also extending their home by constructing an Orangery. Not only does an Orangery add an aesthetic appeal to the house but also greatly increases the value of a house.

Several companies have invested in building Orangeries for contemporary homes in addition to cafes and restaurants such as Orangeries UK. The traditionally build Orangeries lack in certain criteria. The room would become a heating room during summer and transformed into an icebox in winter. However, with the support of modern technology, companies like Orangeries UK have come up with innovative solutions. The glass is being installed with triple glaze to provide effective insulation during winter. The glass roof and windows are installed with UV filtering followed by automatic ventilation for the summer heat. For more information please visit here https://www.orangeries-uk.co.uk/


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