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A description of Shincheonji

Lots of men and women are unaware of Shincheonji that is quite popular and making tremendous progress in South Korea. Shincheonji, also is known as”Shinchonji,” has an abbreviation such as SCJ. It is a pseudo-Christian faith that is practiced and followed in South Korea. And the official name for Shincheonji is”Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony.” The founder and creator of the religious cult is Lee Man-Hee in the year 1980s. And today, in the current scenario, it has got around 200,000 adherents. However, this religious cult is in fantastic controversy among the people in South Korea.

Many Korean believe Shincheonji as cult faith and different from the preaching of the true gospel. The founder of Shincheonji religion himself believes that he has the ability and gift of interpreting the Bible. Lee Man-Hee thinks that he’s immortal and that salvation requires faith in him and his religion, rather that God Jesus. According to Shincheonji faith and teaching, they teach that the Bible is only a mix of metaphors. And he alone has the spiritual ability and power to correct and interpret them.

Many Christian associations and organizations have termed this faith a significant division from the true gospel of Christianity; this faith has made headlines in Korea by attracting many followers. And lately, it made wildfire news about the spread of novel Coronavirus disease. According to the Korea Center for Disease Control, the main reason for the spread of Coronavirus is South Korea, mainly due to the Shincheonji. They stated that the Shincheonji worship system and coverage technique is mainly responsible for the rapid spread of this deadly disease.


Shincheonji religion has the arrangement of following a special process of worshipping. The congregation members of Shincheonji need to kneel in tight rows. The members have been prohibited from covering their mouth and face with masks or sunglasses. This method and practice of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus directly let the virus spread among the members. Shincheonji followers and members believe that the virus was the work of the devil to stop church work. They think and consider that the virus was a kind of blockage to the improvement of the religion. And hence they continue to practice their religion. And this ultimately allow the rapid rise and spread of the virus in South Korea in massive numbers. For more information please Read This

His preaching and his principle about him and his faith seem heretical against Christianity. So, most mainstream Churches in South Korea consider Shincheonji as a cult. Shincheonji has millions of devout disciples from South Korea and other countries like the US, that are considered to be the faithful followers of God. However, this religious group has different beliefs and ideology, then Christianity. Their teaching, thoughts, devotions, practices, and prayer customs are quite other than Christianity. These practices and their disobedience, which led to the growth of COVID cases in South Korea, assert Shincheonji as a cult rather than a committed religious group.


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