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Shincheonji: Dangers Of Cult Practice

How a lot of you are aware of the cult practice? If you are hearing about the cult to the first time, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will look into a short introduction concerning what the cult is and also the hazards of the cult practice. A cult is a form of rituals and spiritual belief where people or the followers devote themselves to an idea, person, or thing. They are normally different from the teachings of this church, which is the reason these religious groups are regarded as spurious and unorthodox.

Every human being in this world live by some type of religious belief, and there are so many distinct types of religious groups and belief followed closely by men and women. Some folks are hauled into practicing or following religious cults unintentionally or forcefully. But do you know of the hazards of cult practice? Keep reading this article, and you will find out the dangers connected to the cult practice. One of the biggest risks of cult practice is that it may influence your relationship with close ones, such as family, friends, etc..

The matter about cults is that the group or the followers tend to go deep, making an environment by altering the mainstream spiritual belief. The team will create a mind-controlling environment where the believers start thinking their presence is to get the group. This form of spiritual belief is unusual, and they usually target the vulnerable ones. It is known that the leaders of this cult are very good at manipulating people, and that is how they benefit followers. The cult also teaches that if some members of the group turn out as a turncoat, disaster will befall.

This kind of teaching makes individuals become deeply rooted in their belief system, destroying relationships with their external world. This type of cult practice also teaches that those people that are not members of this group won’t look for salvation. 1 such case of a religious movement is the Shincheonji church in South Korea. Lead by Lee Man Hee, founder of Shincheonji, the church members or group members is believed to be cults. The teachings of Shincheonji are those that people from other religious groups are now asking the authorities to ban or dismantle the group.

The church’s doctrine say that Lee Man-hee, the creator and leader of this church, is the pastor promised from the New Testament within the Holy Bible. It says that the current world is residing at the time prophesied by the Book of Revelation. It further talks about how salvation or eternal life is located within true faith with the members. Everybody who’s not a part of the church is going to be denied forgiveness and destroyed during the last judgment.


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